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The next Four pages are 1) Legends and Characters of Devon 2) Harp 3) Fingerstyle Guitar 4} Flamenco Guitar

1) Listen to clips of songs which have their roots in the West Country. There are ghosts stories (complete with pinches of salt); legends (comic and poignent); and pub tales (often involving characters still drinking). Its not all strumming (as you will hear) because I always make the guitar more than just an accompanying instrument.

2 When you hear these clips you will believe me when I tell you there aren't many harpists playing this sort of stuff, there are no boundaries - I can do on a celtic harp what few manage on a majestic 8 pedal monster, and I can get it in the car!

3) Ragtime, blues and even classical. You will recoginse all these pieces but I like to think I have added something of my own, even to Scott Joplin's 'The Entertainer' which is currently reckoned to be the world's favourite piece of music.

4) My first love was Flamenco and I have finally got a PA system that can amplify the guitar without losing the effect of the Rasceos. All of it is authentic but I have adapted some well known pieces because eveyone likes some familiar stuff thrown in - and it gives me something to talk about.