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The next Four pages are 1) Legends and Characters of The West 2) Harp 3) Fingerstyle Guitar 4} Flamenco Guitar

1) Before you listen to the page one Audio clips let me tell you about my:-

                                         Tour Of Somerset & Dorset 2015

  If you like ghosts stories with a little pinch of salt then join me for a show you won't forget! When I play guitar it is not all strumming (as you will hear from the clips) because the dancing Ragtime and sparkling Flamenco tricks always find a way in!

Sat. June 6th  The Portman Hall Shillingstone, Dorset tickets 6.00 01258 863861

Sat. June 13th  Worth Matravers Village Hall, Wareham Dorset tickets 5.00 from  

Sat. June 20th  The Comrades Hall, Broadwindser Dorset tickets 5.00 from  

Thur. June 25th  The Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton Somerset tickets 5.00 Boxoffice 01823 283244

Fri. June 26th  The Wellington Arts Centre, Somerset tickets 5.00 Boxoffice 01823 667774

Fri. July 3rd  Rook Lane Chapel, Frome Somerset tickets 5.00 Boxoffice 01373 455420

Sat. July 4th Kimmeridge Village Hall, Wareham Dorset tickets 5.00 from  

Wed. July 11th The Shaftesbury Heritage Centre, Shaftesbury Dorset tickets 5.00 from 

Wed. August 29th The Davis Hall, West Camel Dorset tickets 5.00 from 01931 851214

Sat. Sept 19th  The David Hall, South Petherton Somerset tickets 5.00 Boxoffice 01460 240340

    No one does anything like this! You won't forget it!


2 Barbecues, Birthdays, Beltane Boogies and Nag Duckings! Page two has all the stuff I do on the Celtic Harp. When you hear these clips you will believe me when I tell you there aren't many harpists playing this sort of stuff, there are no boundaries - I can do on a celtic harp what few manage on a majestic 8 pedal monster, and I can get it in the car!

3) Ragtime, blues and even classical. You will recoginse all these pieces but I like to think I have added something of my own, even to Scott Joplin's 'The Entertainer' which is currently reckoned to be the world's favourite piece of music.

4) My first love was Flamenco and I have finally got a PA system that can amplify the guitar without losing the effect of the Rasceos. All of it is authentic but I have adapted some well known pieces because eveyone likes to hear familiar stuff thrown in - and it gives me something to talk about.